They will auction the manuscript of ‘La mano de Dios’, the hit that Rodrigo composed for Maradona: how much is the initial value

36 years after the most famous goal in history, it was known in the last few hours that will auction the paper on which the theme was composed “The hand of God” in tribute to Diego Maradona. The sheet, smudged and taped in some places, still exists since Alexander Romero sealed it with his own handwriting.

The man, brother-in-law of The Colt Rodrigo, was the one who wrote the song that later became one of the most listened to hits. Now, the papyrus will go on sale for a online platform with a base of 1 million dollars in digital currency.

The song that was composed and in the year 2000 received the applause of many generations, being the furious song before Rodrigo died in the traffic accident.

According to the person who bought this relic “You will also receive a certificate of authenticity and you will have in your hands an iconic piece of music”. It should be noted that the auction will be through the Argentine crypto art platform “KephiGallery” and will perform this Wednesday online.

With the interpretation of “The Colt’‘, this theme achieved record sales in Argentina in addition to being replicated in many countries in Latin America and Europe. His creator had expressed a while ago: “I began to write meaningless words for myself: ‘In a village he was born, it was God’s wish, to grow and survive humble expression, to face adversity with the desire to earn a living at every step’…”, he remembered.

And I add: “I felt my inner voice telling me: ‘in a paddock he forged an immortal left foot’ and that’s when I realized it had to do with Maradona”. At that time he stated that he himself felt that Diego was going to “love” and baptized the song with the acronym “INRI” in the margin of the sheet in tribute to Diego.

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