They were accused of alleged fraud against Epec, the case does not advance and they ask to be dismissed

A group of ex-police officers from the Cordoba Force who have been charged since 2033 in a case for alleged fraud against Epec asked the Justice for speed to be able to be dismissed.

The journalistic chronicles of the time indicated that there was a pact of silence between the accused, they, almost 20 years later, point out that they did not participate in an illegal act but rather fulfilled their professional tasks.

According to the accusation, between October 2001 and December 2002, these police officers were receiving a bonus in their salaries for additional tasks that they did not perform.

“We ask for a solution so that the cause that is unresolved is resolved,” said one of those involved. “They paid for the extras and the extras were made,” he reiterated.

Likewise, the accused confessed that they were never called to testify. “The same prosecutor tells me that a lot of evidence has been lost,” he said. It should be remembered that he refers to the prosecutor Enrique Gavier.

Epec case: after 20 years they ask for the judicial process against police officers to advance

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