They took the lions out of the Alameda to restore them and there was a stir because nobody knew the reasons

It was the granddaughter who warned Diario UNO about the lack of works.

The truth is the two lions patinated in bronze that lead the traditional Mendoza walk, they were removed from their pilasters by the Municipality of Capital to restore them.

Diario UNO consulted with the commune, from where they gave the official response in this regard.

What happened to the Alameda lions

Perhaps because of what happened with the Access CondorCardona’s granddaughter worried when she was informed about the disappearance of Los Leones.

lions of the alameda plaque.jpg

This plaque commemorating the work of the lions was also removed. Photo: courtesy Cardona family

From the commune led by Ulpiano Suarez, they explained that the sculptures of Los Leones were removed to restore themexcept that was not officially communicated. That is why many of the neighbors were alerted when they did not see them on their pilasters. They did not give details on how the work will be carried out and how long it will take to complete it.

What they did explain is that the lions are protectedin the restoration laboratory that Capital has in the Municipal Museum of Modern Art -MMAMM- and that the work will be carried out there

However, and since the reason for the removal of the lions was not officially communicated, the sculptor’s granddaughter, Rosana Cardona, came to the place where the works were located, worried about their fate.

In fact, she and her family have already asked the Government of Mendoza to value all of Cardona’s worksince the Access Condor and the lions are not the only sculptures that this plastic artist made for the province.

In any case, she was already informed that they have not been stolen, but removed -both the lions and the commemorative plaque of the work- for their reconditioning, she was calmer.

The history of the Alameda Lions

The sculptor’s granddaughter said that the lions date from the early 1920s and they were made by Juan Cardona to decorate the bridge over the Cacique GuaymallĂ©n canal, which joins that department with the City, at the entrance through Garibaldi street.

The Lions of the Alameda old photo.png

Its realization was entrusted to the artist since at that time, he was a river draftsman for the General Department of Irrigation.

“Me grandfather thought of these figures because they are representative of the force and push of the water, that is the meaning of the lions”, explained Rosana Cardona.

When the bridge was remodeled, two of the lions remained for Guaymallén -today they are at the entrance of the municipal building- Y the another two, for Capital.

Lions of the Alameda current photo.jpg

The Alameda lions when they were restored for the last time, in 2013. Photo: internet

The Alameda lions when they were restored for the last time, in 2013. Photo: internet

It took a long time for Capital to decide to put them back on display. They were kept in one of the sheds of the municipality and when the first remodeling of the Alameda was carried out -in the 1990s- it was decided to place the lions at the beginning of the walk.

In 2013 they returned to value, but the works of art that are exposed to the elements often suffer from the effects of the weather and the intervention of passers-by. So it was time to condition them again.

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