They suspended the debate in which it was going to be resolved whether the accused of beating his father to death is not imputable « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The debate in which this Friday was going to define whether Nahuel Ramosthe 35-year-old man who beat his father to death, the doctor Juan Ramos, is unimputable, was suspended due to connectivity problems.

This was reported by judicial sources to THE CAPITAL. The reason is because The hearing was going to be held virtually and due to technical defects it will not be able to take place.

Nahuel Ramos (35), who has been hospitalized since May due to his psychiatric condition, is charged by the prosecutor Maria Florence Salas of the crime of “homicide aggravated by the relationship”, although the different indicators guide the file towards a dismissal due to lack of prosecution.

According to the information accessed by LA CAPITAL, the progress of the process was always limited by the mental condition of Nahuel Ramos, both at the time of the attack and in the subsequent time of his prosecution.

The events occurred on May 17 when Juan Ramos, one of the pediatricians and allergists with the best career and social consideration in Mar del Platawent to his son’s home after he showed signs of a psychiatric outbreak.

When the doctor arrived at his son’s downtown home, the attack took place, which was always with punches and kicks. Juan Ramos (76) He was taken out into the street by his own son, according to witnesses, and then went to the Children’s and Family Clinic.

Ramos was treated and was hospitalized until days later he was released. However, on May 31, after decompensating at his house, the pediatrician was admitted again to the hospital where his death finally occurred.

Juan Ramos.

The autopsy operation revealed that Ramos had injuries compatible with traumatisms and this caused Judge Juan Tapia, at the request of prosecutor Salas, to order the arrest of the pediatrician’s son. When the pre-existing psychiatric pathologies were known, Nahuel Ramos was admitted to the Atlantic Clinic, although after a couple of days he was transferred to the Melchor Romero Neuropsychiatric Unit No. 10.

In the hearing that was going to take place this Friday, the Oral Court No. 4, with its three members, would not discuss the authorship or the materiality of the act described as “homicide aggravated by the relationship”, but the condition of non-imputation of the victim’s son.

In any case, the official defender had anticipated that he would try to seek forensic confirmation of the cause of death of Ramos, so that any possibility other than blows is cleared up. It is that due to the double hospitalization and the initial discharge, it can be inferred that the clinical picture derived from the injuries from the beating had already been overcome.

If, when the hearing is held, the Court understands that Nahuel Ramos is not criminally liable, it must apply a security measure that is related to the potential sentence that he would have received in the event of going through a conventional trial. However, because it is a life sentence (this is how the Penal Code reserves it for that qualification) the Court must debate to agree on the amount.

The security measure consists of a period during which the deceased does not have the right to leave his hospitalization. If the measure is not security, you can even do it on an outpatient basis, since it would not represent a danger to third parties.

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