They shoot Brian Lozano’s car in Uruguay

What a situation Brian Lozano experienced after he was on vacation in his native Uruguay, the car he was driving was shot by a machine gun.

During an interview for radio Sport890, “El Huevo” Lozano confessed that a couple of days ago his car had been hit by several bullets, just when he was visiting his grandmother’s house.

“Two days ago I went to eat at my grandmother’s, who still lives in the neighborhood, they passed by in a car and fired a burst with a machine gun, they hit the car in which I had gone to see her,” said the Santos Laguna player .

After this, Brian confessed that these types of situations were very common, since since he was a child there was always a risk of a shooting:

“I grew up in the Lavalleja neighborhood, stuck at 40 weeks. As a child I lived many moments where you went out to play soccer and a shootout broke out and you did not know what you could find, ”he commented on sports radio.

Later, he said that due to this insecure and violent environment it was very easy to lose one’s way:

“It was very difficult not to follow the path of drugs or crime, I chose not to follow it and dedicate myself to football. Today I still go to the neighborhood where I grew up because I have family and friends there, it is impossible not to go, “he confessed.

Given these violent events, both the player and his family are safe and sound.

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