They reveal details of the crime in front of a country and look for a businessman

The crime of Patrick Glave, which occurred in front of a country of Buenos Aires, has important advances. By the fact, there is a entrepreneur identified and is intensively sought after. Also, the investigators revealed the reasons for the crime that caused commotion in the place.

Glave’s body (44) was found in front of the country Los Cardales, on route 4 of Campana, meters from his truck. The discovery surprised the neighbors who notified 911. When the troops arrived they found that the victim had been shot to death and the witnesses indicated that the murderer fired from a white utility truck.

Although due to the way in which the crime occurred they did not rule out that it was a reckoning, with the progress of the investigation this was completely ruled out. Glave, who had an opening company, was killed in the middle of a traffic argument.

The businessman wanted by Justice

By the fact they identified the possible author. This is Gustavo D’Aversa, another entrepreneur linked to the sale of motorcycles. Although the Policeman raided the man’s property, remains at large and is intensely wanted.

Likewise, the autopsy determined that the victim, after being shot, was run over by the entrepreneur during his escape. The victim was killed when she was on her way to her house, after leaving her work.


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