They remember Bugs Bunny and his kisses before controversy in Buzz Lightyear

MEXICO CITY.- In recent days it has been hard the debate generated by the movie Buzz Lightyear to include a kiss between two female characters who in turn take care of a daughter and in the face of it have remembered another symbol of childhood from past generations, Bugs Bunny.

Lightyear, Disney spinoff focused on Buzzthe astronaut and space ranger of toy storywas banned by that lesbian scene in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, China, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, and Bahrain.

In the movie “Lightyear” they include a family made up of two women.

Even in countries like Guatemalawhere although they did not remove it from theaters if they handle a warning of “gender ideology” for the scene of the kiss between two female characters.

They remember Bugs Bunny and his kisses before controversy in Buzz Lightyear

Although some disagree with the fact that such scenes are included in the story, many others argue that that didn’t happen in the cartoons that happened in his time and childhood, however That’s when Bugs Bunny shines.

And it is that the flagship rabbit of the Warner Brothers cartoon house used to kiss characters of the same sex, despite the fact that in principle he was attracted to the bunny Lola Bunny.

bugs bunny he used kisses as a joke after they couldn’t hunt him down or get rid of the traps they set for him and some of the many characters he kissed were the hunter Elmer Grouchthe gunman Sam mustache and even the basketball player Michael Jordanduring the movie spacejam.

In addition, Bugs also came to dress as a woman, either for performance or to fool someone; Therefore, there are currently those who consider it an animated drag symbol or “a queen”.

Bugs Bunny “dragged” and rode a steed when appearing in a play.

After Bugs Bunny was taken as an example in the face of questioning, there are those who mention that they understand that in that context, Bugs Bunny did it for “satire or comedy”.

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