They recover the elements that were stolen from Club Rosario on the Libertad court

The police recovered the items stolen last Sunday from Club Rosario in Libertad court, after raids carried out in three houses in the city.

The players from Rosario Puerto Belgrano had arrived in the city to play the playoff match for the promotional zone of the Liga del Sur and before the game began, a bag with their equipment was stolen from them.

Sixth Police Station personnel searched this Thursday two houses in the United States at 1400 and 1900 and a third in Tierra del Fuego at 1900, where they kidnapped clothing from the Puntal team.

The investigations began after the complaint and when seeing that supporters of Libertad exhibited some of the stolen clothing during the game. In addition, the authors of the robbery published photos on social networks.

So far no arrests have been reported, but investigations continue.

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