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The executive director of Sanitary Zone VIII, Gaston Vargasrecommended that the population apply the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, even if a contagion was overcome weeks ago, with the aim of generating a “very important epidemiological barrier” against the coronavirus, which in recent days began to generate an increase in positive cases.

“If more than four months have passed since the second application, even if you have had Covid and those three more months have not passed, the recommendation now is to get vaccinated”indicated Vargas in dialogue with THE CAPITAL.

In this framework, the head of the Sanitary Region maintained that “it is essential to complete the vaccination schedules” because “We are having an increase in cases.” “While fortunately they are not significant in terms of volume or stress on the health system, we see that what in January was enough with two doses, today we need to have that booster dose so that the virus does not generate so much impactso much contagion and, if necessary, the severity is less due to the immunity generated by the vaccine,” he said.

Next, he assured that in Mar del Plata and the rest of General Pueyrredon “we have very good coverage of first and second doses.” “In the target population, we are at 96% of first doses and 87% of second ones,” he specified, adding that “in the third doses and reinforcements we are exceeding 51%, which is low based on the percentage of the first and second doses”.

Faced with this scenario, he clarified that “the third dose is applied after four months of the second” and recalled that “for a large part of the population this happened in January, but that month there was the wave of Omicron, with which many people The disease developed and then the suggestion was not to get vaccinated immediately, but to wait between 60 and 90 days to apply it, since it had antibodies generated by the disease itself.

“That perhaps caused a gap to be generated in how the vaccination rate was coming, which is why we see that there is not an excessive increase in cases because the immunity generated obviously acts,” he said.

However, he stated that Currently “it is not a limitation to necessarily wait for the days after the Covid infection”. “Now that we are facing winter, even if 60 or 70 days have elapsed, they can calmly get vaccinated and not wait those 90 days that were a suggestion. Today the suggestion is to complete the scheme”, he stressed.

Likewise, he remarked that in General Puyrredon, since the beginning of the vaccination plan, “practically 620 thousand first doses, 546 thousand second doses and this weekend we are reaching 300 thousand third doses” were applied.

For this reason, he focused on “approximately 200 thousand people would be able to apply the third dose.”

The executive director of Sanitary Zone VIII, Gastón Vargas.


In this context, Vargas also assured that this week coronavirus vaccine applications doubled in General Pueyrredon.

“When the Covid stops being news there is a relaxation, but when it becomes an issue again, as this week, the vaccination centers, which were practically empty, have had an influx again,” highlighted the executive director of Sanitary Zone VIII.

“We came from applying – he continued – for many weeks an average of between 900 and 1000 doses per day and this week we are back at 2000 daily doses”.

In this regard, Vargas considered it striking that of the two thousand people who vaccinate daily, “there are people who are going to take the first dose.” “For example, a vaccination center can apply 400 doses per day, of those we have an average of 29 that are first doses, 80 that are second doses and 250 that are third doses,” he detailed and remarked that “Although it may seem incredible at this point in the campaign, there are still people who are going to take the first dose.”

In turn, he recalled, once four months have elapsed since the third application, health personnel, people over 50 years of age, immunocompromised people over 12 years of age, security forces and teachers can access a fourth dose.


Vargas also referred to the use of chinstraps and remarked that “although their mandatory use has been removed, except in public transport,” from Zone VIII recommend “strongly its use in closed spaces as classrooms”, especially at this time when “circulatory viruses circulate and the chinstrap is a very effective tool to prevent contagion.”

“If I have a respiratory symptom and I put on a mask, I also take care of the other person who may be sitting next to me in a classroom or in a movie theater,” he remarked.

For this reason, he maintained that “the suggestion is to continue with measures such as masks, distancing, cross ventilation, which at this time of year is essential, and complete the schemes because we see that in the face of circulating strains, three doses of vaccine generate a very important epidemiological barrier”.

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