They put many obstacles in our way, but we are winners: Venezuelan migrant

After four days of walking the roads of Coahuila to reach the United States, a group of about 120 migrants, mostly from Venezuela, reached the Rio Grande in Piedras Negras and crossed it to achieve their initial goal since they left in a caravan from Tapachula, Chiapas.

“We are winners in the battle, winners, thank God,” predicted Edison, a migrant from Venezuela, hours before crossing the Rio Grande, as he resumed his walk along federal highway number 57 and took the fiscal route to enter Piedras Negras. , towards the Rio Grande, crossing around five in the afternoon on Thursday.

“They put many obstacles in our way, but we are winners, we are warriors, we Venezuelans, and first of all God, who gives us the will to be able to arrive and continue fighting where we are going to arrive,” Edison said.


The foregoing, based on the delivery of an immigration document, which grants 30 days to regularize their immigration status, that is, request refuge, asylum or, where appropriate, leave the country; although they reported that more immigration authorities were aware that their objective was to reach the United States.

He is part of a first group of 30 people who arrived around 10 in the morning at the health and safety filter located at the intersection of the municipality of Piedras Negras, where they stayed for two hours to rest and receive water and food, in addition to providing medicines to those who had some ailment.

Later, they resumed the walk, although some already do so with visible signs of foot injuries that make it difficult for them to walk correctly. However, they still continue to fight for themselves and their families who remained in their country of origin.


Also in this first group are José and Marily, a young couple from El Salvador, who bring their two-year-old daughter with them. They stated that the situation where they live is very difficult and they have decided to look for a new place and work hard to be able to do their things.

“And run away from crime,” said Marily. The couple said they left 23 days ago and are miles from reaching the US border. They expressed great joy because their effort was almost over and they thanked God, in addition to stating that all the effort was worth it.

It is worth mentioning that another group made up of around 100 more migrants left the home where they came to rest and spend the night in the municipality of Allende, who resumed their walk to reach Piedras Negras, and at the height of the Río Escondido ejido, in the municipality of Nava, recounted part of their journey.

Said group of migrants, continuing their journey, arrived at the Rio Grande and immediately entered the waters of the tributary and crossed into the American Union, where surveillance has been reinforced since last year and is monitored by the Border Patrol, in addition of the Texas National Guard.

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