They must be our voice in Congress

The desire is not enough as it is a Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory (STEP) election that does not meet the objective for which it was created. The menu they offer us lacks variety on almost all electoral fronts. In any case, we understand that it is an occasion to exercise electoral gymnastics and sharpen our ability to choose.

It is an opportunity for democracy to express support and dissent with the policies practiced in our country. And it is important that, if we proclaim ourselves Democrats, we first learn to respect the will of the majority.

An election Sunday serves to accompany or twist the course of the governments of the day. Today, we also need to pay attention to the qualities of our future national representatives.

We can carry out countless marches full of slogans for or against a government. In any case, the moment to decide the preferred course is when the ballot boxes summon us to reflect and choose our candidates.

I do not rule out the protest as a warning to unmet needs, but I disapprove of it as a method to accelerate democratic periods. Leaders and led, we must learn to respect the times of democracy. Otherwise, the “ghost” of institutional instability that caused so much damage to the country will fly over..

Beyond the national context of this Sunday’s elections, we must be aware that we choose our voices in the National Congress. One of the powers of the federal government that the population perceives to be far from their real problems.

In reality, its role is fundamental to define the normative framework that organizes us as a people and society. National codes and laws are needed for the operation of basic services in every corner of Argentina.

Let’s just remember the seriousness and consequences of insecurity. The effective prosecution of crime depends, in the first instance, on the norms sanctioned by National Deputies and Senators. Only then can we ask the rest of the powers for more efficiency.

Those elected must be the voice of the people of Corrientes and the government of Corrientes to defend and promote the province. Legislators are needed who actively participate in congressional sessions and are not trapped by party structures.

Their voice has to be heard loud and not stay in the “comfort zone” that transforms them into illustrious strangers among the people of Corrientes. The province has ten national legislators, if we carry out a survey, we would find a high percentage of ignorance about who occupies those seats.

Being a National legislator is not an award or a scholarship for leaders. They must assume a dynamic role, otherwise, they will only top the rankings of specialized publications that allow knowing those who least attend and participate in the sessions. Corrientes has its examples and it is not necessary to repeat or imitate them.

Another paragraph deserves the projects presented by our representatives. No skill is needed “raise hands”But generators of initiatives. Nor do we want them selfish because they will be part of an area that requires consensus.

Legislators are needed to cross party and geopolitical barriers. They need to interact with peers from other provinces and, even more, exercising their role throughout ours. They can generate discussion tables that bring them closer to the thinking of the population and turn it into initiatives that meet the needs of the community.

Legislators in Corrientes have to put aside political differences and listen more carefully to all Corrientes. They need to detach themselves from the national party blocs and emphatically represent the idiosyncrasies of the province.

They must promote our benefits and be managers of the trust that investors demand. Become Corrientes “ambassadors” in every place you go or are invited. Do not get used to the comfort of the benches and bring the warm invitation that all Corrientes propose.

The national legislator must understand that his role does not end with the drafting of projects or with his presence in the sessions. You must be aware that you are entrusted with the Corrientes Brand and are chosen to defend and enhance it.

Otherwise, your image will turn into memes turned to social networks. If that happens, let me ask you not to get angry when society questions you about the “diet” you perceive and other luxuries denied to the majority of the population..

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