They managed to contain the fire in the Variant Costa Azul

A forest fire was registered in the Variant Costa Azul, a few kilometers from Villa Carlos Paz.

As reported by the Villa Carlos Paz Fire Department to, due to the great north wind, the fire was heading south.

After 4:00 p.m., the Provincial Ministry of Security indicated that the fire had been effectively contained. A group of firefighters stayed in the sector to carry out cooling tasks.

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Check out the shocking videos:

Fire in the Variant Costa Azul. shocking video

32 firefighters from Carlos Paz, Bialet Massé, Santa María, Icho Cruz and Tanti are working trying to fight the fire and 12 members of the ETAC, with the support of a hydrant that recharges its tanks in Lake San Roque.

Due to the smoke and the advance of the fire, the Highway Police cut off vehicular traffic along that route and part of the highway that connects the city of Córdoba with said locality.

Fire in the Variant Costa Azul. Firefighters try to fight the fire

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