They make road adaptations for works of the 4 Caminos Road System in Torreón

They are good essays.”, highlighted today Saturday the director of Urban Mobility of Torreón, Luis Morales, regarding the road modifications that have had to be made by the authorities regarding the development of the work of the 4 Caminos Road System.

He referred to a progressive theme of interventions on Independencia Boulevard, this between Río Nazas and Zacatecas streets, especially with the recent opening of a lane in the opposite direction in the southern body of said street to ensure that local traffic remains active and despite the presence of machinery and workers.

“Of course there is going to be a time when it is going to be more saturated, but for now, from less to more I think they are good rehearsals, for me it is important to emphasize that in the modification of the contradiction there is the bifurcation, but that this What this allowed was to equalize the number of lanes, right now there are two lanes from East to West, because we enabled the parking lane for circulation and signs prohibiting parking were placed for this purpose, in order to have two lanes in this direction. from East to West, plus a third that is the contradiction”, Morales specified.

The official also pointed out that that same lane in the opposite direction will be mainly to give flow to the route trucks that pass through that point on Independencia Boulevard, so that transit space will be given to those who pass through the street and regardless of are carrying out the works of the Road System.

Morales called on the population to also activate the notifications that are issued in real time from the portal, in which you only have to provide an email to receive messages about the most outstanding incidents in construction issues.road modifications and even recommendations for the general public.

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