They look for the "tangacienta": the panties were forgotten in a square and the networks started a campaign to make it appear

Today you can find everything on social networks. sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook They are common places where Internet users can share trips, meetings with friends, funny anecdotes and, in certain cases, bizarre discoveries that they could not share anywhere else.

This is what the Facebook user did Adrian Nunez, who this Thursday published a surprising discovery he made while walking through a square in his native Jujuy. Apparently, that same day at dawn, a couple had a passionate outburst and thought it would be a good idea to have sex in the public place.

The lovebirds would have hidden and, once they were done, they left as if nothing had happened, except for one minor detail: the woman forgot her underwear hanging on a branch, and a neighbor found her the next morning. Amused by the bizarre discovery, Nuñez couldn’t help but snap a photo and share it on his Facebook wall, where it quickly went viral.

Looking for the owner, does anyone know her?“Wrote the user next to the photo of the red underwear that hung from a branch in the middle of the square. It was precisely the Internet user’s friends who decided to call the girl as “tangacienta“. The publication began to receive attention from Internet users, it was published in some provincial media and, a few hours later, it was already making Facebook users laugh across the country.

The post went viral on Facebook.

Automatically, the likes began to arrive and not to mention the hilarious comments that did not go unnoticed: “Don’t touch it, it’s a hook“, “La Tangacienta”, “Trying to make an effort not to answer”, “Great la tangacienta“, were some of the messages that were arriving. In turn, the photos were later shared by several users who were looking for the owner of the lost property.

Another unlikely anecdote has gone viral in recent days, this time on the TikTok platform. There, a user of Mexico He shared the unusual moment that had to happen when he fell asleep in the movie theater. Upon waking up he realized that it was already late and that he was locked up. mike sanchezthe protagonist, decided to publish a video recounting the situation and it went viral.

Mike’s laugh is heard in the video as he shows a dark movie theater. “Bro, I fell asleep, I fell asleep in the living room, there is no one anymore, they turned me off“, he explains with fear. When he leaves, he tries to open the exit doors to the street and they are already closed. “It isn’t true, they left me locked upHe adds with a nervous laugh.

Not having much to do, he decides to go around the place and joke around as if he were working at the movies. “Hello, how are you, miss, good afternoon, how many will you want? Yes, of course I dohe says. Mike found it weird that the employees didn’t wake him up before they left, but he understood that they did not enter the room because it was the last function of the day.

He was finally able to leave in the morning when the first employee arrived and opened the door for him: “Gentlemen, it was achieved, I love the cleaning man, he said to me ‘what are you doing here young man?’“. To top it off, when he was in the parking lot he saw that he had left his car unlocked

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