They launch "smart glasses", the new collaboration of Facebook and Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban and Facebook announced this Thursday the first fruit of their alliance, smart glasses that, among other things, take pictures and record videoBut the anticipated augmented reality glasses will have to wait.

The social media giant and sunglass maker carry working together on various projects since 2019According to press reports, and Facebook’s own CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the collaboration in July this year.

Today’s announcement, however, is far from the great goal that the social network company has between eyebrows: augmented reality glasses that “print” useful and entertaining information on the look of the user, something that will still have to wait.

For the moment, Facebook revealed this Thursday in an entry on its corporate blog those baptized as “Ray-Ban stories” (Ray-Ban stories), which have a price of $ 299 and are for sale online and in physical stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Italy.

The glasses have a classic Ray-Ban design that hides their intelligent abilities (it is easy to confuse them with conventional sunglasses), but they have disguised two five megapixel cameras side by side next to which a small white light glows when they are recording images.

The videos and photos will be sent to a mobile application called “Facebook View” (Facebook view), in which they can be edited and shared with other applications on your phone.

“With Ray-Ban Stories you can take photos and videos, listen to music or podcasts, or answer calls without even taking your phone out of your pocket, “Zuckerberg explained in a promotional video.

For audio functions, the glasses are equipped with two speakers on the side and side of the frame, which are controlled from a touch panel with which to raise or lower the volume and pause or activate the playback of music and radio from Bluetooth.

In addition, an integrated microphone also allows perform all functions using voice commands, such as “Hey Facebook, take a video” if you don’t want to use the manual button to trigger the recording.

Facebook and Ray-Ban glasses come in twenty different models and colors.

Despite being the first time that Facebook delves into the concept of smart glasses, this is nothing new and has already existed in the market since Google released its model Google Glass under huge anticipation in 2014.

Despite all the publicity and media coverage they received, Google glasses were a huge failure, barely achieving market penetration and in 2015 the internet search engine company stopped manufacturing the model it had designed as a prototype.


In recent years, new versions of Google Glass have been used by medical professionals and researchers in hospitals to help in the analysis of patients, but the vision remains that these devices would be the new mobile, ubiquitous and a necessity for almost everyone.

In addition to Google, the social network Snapchat, a competitor to Facebook, also launched its own smart glasses model in 2016, which they were christened “Spectacles”, but as in the case of the search engine, the product was a resounding failure.

Apart from the glasses developed together with Ray-Ban, Facebook has already had another product on the market for a long time to cover the eyes, although very different from smart glasses: the virtual reality device Oculus Quest, which transports those who use it to a completely digital universe.

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