They investigate whether a 17-year-old girl was sexually abused by a young man her own age

The event would have occurred in the da vinci ballroomin Isidoro Bousquet street, a few meters from the Fyma football club, in Juninin the early hours of Sunday.

da vinci junin party room.jpg

The sexual abuse would have occurred at a party in a room in Junín.

Police arrived at the scene after several calls indicating a problem, and they believed it was a fight. But they found themselves outside with private security personnel who they had arrested a boy. A short distance away there was a girl who was assisted by some people while she vomited.

When those present saw the policemen, without hesitation they expressed that the boy who had been caught by security personnel he had sexually abused the young woman.

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Without delaying any longer, the police officers made the corresponding communications with the Prosecutor’s Office, put the 17-year-old boy on the mobile and They took him to the police station.

Meanwhile, the young victim, also 17, was taken to a care center to perform the rigorous procedure in these cases and apply the emergency kit.

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