The anti-drug procedure was called “Operation Kayser” and was led by the Anti-Narcotics and Organized Crime Brigade (Brianco) of the Los Angeles Police Investigations (PDI).

After the dismantling of a criminal gang in Laja, the investigative work continues to investigate the assets of the leader and his operational arms.

This is because apart from the drug seized by the PDI, which if it had been sold would border on 30 million pesos, there are assets seized, such as a vehicle.

The sub-prefect of the institution, Caroline Monsalve, He explained that these generally correspond to ill-gotten assets.

The deputy head of the Anti-narcotics and Organized Crime Brigade (Brianco) from Los Angeles mentioned that the arrest of people and the investigation of their assets can be simultaneous.

After the arrest, the hearing was held where it was determined that the aforementioned leader and his partner would remain in preventive detention. The foregoing, as indicated by the Laja judge, Oscar Pacheco.

In the case of those detained in the so-called operation Kayser, where the leader is domiciled in Santiago, they were carrying out criminal actions that maintained a climate of insecurity in the citizenry, indicated the deputy prefect.

In addition, 3 months were set for the investigation period, ordering the couple’s admission to a facility to be determined by the Chilean Gendarmerie.

In this way, the investigations continue to evaluate possible crimes with the assets of this type of organization such as this gang that operated in Laja.