They hold up a chicken shop and kill a customer; they are sentenced to 44 years in prison

State of Mexico.- In Atizapan of Zaragoza were sentenced by a judge to 44 years in prison Mercedes Vazquez Baltazar, Gabriel Lopez Torres Y Jose Edgar Garcia Lopez after the staff of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico confirmed the participation of the three in the crime of robbery of a chicken shopin addition to causing the death of a client Of the same.

The judge, after reviewing the incriminating elements collected and provided by the Agent of the Public Ministry of the Specialized Homicide Prosecutor’s Office, established a fine of 86 thousand 598 pesos and 269 thousand 734 pesos as damage repair. This fine is added to the sentence of 44 years in prison for the woman and the two men accused.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico initiated an investigation after the three aforementioned persons participated on March 10, 2021. in an assault on the store dedicated to the business of selling chickens, where a client was killed by a gunshot.

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Those involved presented themselves as members of a criminal organization.

On the day of the assault, those now sentenced and three subjects They arrived at a chicken buying and selling business on the street Monte Maria, Lomas de Monte Maria neighborhoodin the municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza, where he was the owner, two of his employees and a customer.

Mercedes, Gabriel and two of their accomplices subdued the victims and stole 45 thousand pesos. While José Edgar carried out surveillance tasks, FGJEM authorities indicated.

Those involved displayed as members of the criminal organization with origins in the state of Michoacán and before leaving the site they detonated a firearm they were carrying, resulting in chicken sales business owner injured. Also shot at a customerwho died, pointed out spokesmen for the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office.

the sentenced they tried to flee in a car type JettaHowever, elements of the municipal police arrested the woman and the two men. Subsequently, they were presented to the agent of the Public Ministry who initiated an investigation. for robbery with the aggravating circumstance of causing death.

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