"They hog and get angry": a famous chef "scratched" to two celebrities who asked to eat by exchange

With the emergence of influencers on social networks, the creation of the exchange phenomenon, where people with a large number of followers exchange advertising for products. However, this form of payment is not accepted everywhere, as they discovered two celebrities from Argentine entertainment who were escrachadas for trying to eat “for free” in a high-class restaurant.

the renowned chef Dante Liporace is behind the menu of several of the most popular restaurants and bars in the Buenos aires city, including UpTown, Mollusco, Bourbon Brunch & Beer, and Trade Sky Bar. In that position, it’s not uncommon for him to come into contact with famous people, several of whom are trying to get a free dinner at some of his venues under the guise of a swap. .

Tired of receiving such offers, Liporace decided to expose with name and surname to the two famous Argentines who approached him with such proposals and who, sometimes, then get angry at his refusal and block him. It was so, from his Twitterthe chef first shared the message he received from an intermediary of Viviana Saccone:

I’ll tell you, a while ago Viviana Saccone, an actress, wrote to me if I could get her to go tomorrow at noon to mollusk, are four people. By exchange. In exchange, Viviana he uploads stories showing the place, the food and captivating them on his Instagram“wrote the representative of the winner of the Martin Fierro and former participant of The academy.No thanks, we are not interested“, answered the gastronomic referent

Soon after, Liporace shared a second message asking for a reservation in exchange for network advertising, this time on behalf of Virginia Gallardothe model and dancer known for her appearances in show match, Dancing for a Dream Y Controversy at the Bar. To which he replies again: “We don’t do that kind of thing“.

The strong reactions of Viviana Saccone and Virginia Gallardo

Even more surprising is that in the face of the chef’s refusal, Virginia had a strong reaction: she decided to block him on Twitter. This was shown by Liporace, who shared a screenshot showing the star’s now blocked profile. “They hog and get angry“He added to the publication. Saccone, for his part, had an even more controversial response.

The actress decided to respond to Liporace’s accusation from her own Twitter account: “A man I don’t know is saying that I asked him to eat at his restaurant. I am going to find out who he is and where he cooks, because the energy is transferred to everything that is done and I try not to eat junk food“, she answered sharply.

The Liporace escrache was not the only one to leave the gastronomic industry after the major blow and consequent reconstruction suffered by the industry after the coronavirus pandemic: in the last hours, the forceful response of the Spanish restaurant Viro Gastrobar A customer who tried to order service after closing time also went viral on social media.

In response to the harsh review the client left on Googlepointing against the professionalism of the place, the owner reminded him in an Instagram story of the opening hours and suggested that, next time, he go with a reservation: “How easy it is to assess the lack of professionalism of a staff that is fulfilling their obligations and finishing their workday“said the chef.

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