They gave him River’s shirt and his teammates stained it because he wears glasses


The case managed to transcend thanks to the streamer Momo and reached Santiago Poblet, President of the club.

Another case of school abuse.

Another case of school abuse.

Other outrageous case of bullying in Argentina: a young man was given the shirt of Riverhe took it to school and they stained it with ink because he wears glasses.

The case managed to transcend thanks to the streamer momowho uploaded it to his social networks to get a player from the team led by Marcelo Gallardo to get him a new one.

“With great effort, the father took him to the monument and bought him a River shirt. For wearing glasses they bullied him and ruined it some idiots in his school. I want to get him a player’s shirt to make up for this injustice.” the content creator tweeted alongside the images of the shirt.

And he added in another tweet: “Those who know me You know how indignant these things make me, and more so that it is a humble family where everything costs twice as much.. I wish I could have a better one (despite how special your first jersey is and the family effort)”.

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