They found two abandoned children in the Urca neighborhood and Senaf intervenes

A one-year-old boy and his months-old brother were rescued this Friday after being found in a state of abandonment in a house in Urca neighborhood.

the chief commissioner Victor DiStefano informed the Twelve o’clock that the minors were transferred to Children’s Hospital.

The police entered the house after a neighbor’s notice and upon entering they found the mother of the little ones upset. The 30-year-old woman managed to recover before the agents left, but she stayed in the house accompanied by a relative.

Upon arrival at the Children’s Hospital, the brothers were checked and it was found that they had “diaper rash” and “balanoposthitis,” according to the Twelve o’clock.

The Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (Senaf) intervened in the case to assess who could take care of the little ones when they are discharged. At the moment it is not expected that they will return to live with their mother.

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