They found a giant lake under Antarctica

Geologists from the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Texas found a lake the size of a large city under the surface of Antarctica. This finding will allow, through research, to discover new secrets about the origins of the mysterious white continent.

Snow Eagle Lake is located under an ice cap about 3,000 meters high and it is in the sediments that traces of the geological history of Antarctica can be found.

The behavior of ice on the earth’s surface is one of the main points of study for experts and these subglacial lakes, which remain in liquid form due to high pressure and geothermal heat, can preserve a large amount of information.

The best known of these lakes is the Vostok, whose size is equivalent to more than two thirds of the province of Tucumán, for reference.

This Snow Eagle subglacial lake is in the territory of Princess Elizabeth, claimed by Australia and its surface exceeds 300 km2. In other words, it occupies a much larger territory than the City of Buenos Aires, which has an area of ​​203 km2.

This lake was found from a general survey at the bottom of the Antarctic ice, just where it touches the rocky surface. New research will be carried out that, according to experts, will allow us to understand what the continent was like before it froze and to what extent it was affected by climate change.

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