They find the body of a drowned immigrant in the Rio Grande

The body of an immigrant who drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande was recovered last Friday night at the height of the area known as Campo Anguilas, in Piedras Negras, in the Mexican state of Coahuila.

According to the state of conservation in which the fire and civil protection authorities found the body, everything seems to indicate that the person had died a few hours ago, according to local newspaper report Plinth.

The body corresponds to a man, who was dressed in blue shorts, a red shirt and lemon green sports shoes.

Fishermen from the area who witnessed the incident, affirm that the man was crossing with another group of migrants when he was dragged by the current.

The man was unable to get afloat and drowned. Later, the fishermen managed to shore up the body.

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According to data from Plinthwith this there are already 138 deceased migrants in the border area between Coahuila and Texas.

Last Monday, Border Patrol agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV) saved eight Cubans from drowning in the Rio Grande in their attempt to reach United States territory.

Border agents had to throw ropes to the island’s migrants, who were struggling to stay afloat near the Anzalduas dam.

The Mission, Texas Fire Department also responded to the emergency to bring the Cubans to the US shore, who were later medically evaluated before being taken to the McAllen station for processing.

On the first day of June, Eagle Pass Border Patrol agents also rescued a two-year-old boy from a small island in the middle of the Rio Grande.

Near the mound of dirt where the boy was found, agents spotted a group of migrants on the north side of the riverbank.

River Sector Border Patrol Chief Jason D. Owens said “after maternal verification, [el niño] He was reunited with his family.”

At the end of May, it was learned that the Piedras Negras authorities found the lifeless body of a migrant floating in the Rio Grande.

The body was trapped in a mound of stones and branches near the Cárcamo de Simas, located in the Morelos neighborhood. Fishermen in the area spotted the body around eight in the morning and called the police.

The body was dragged by members of Grupo Beta to the shore, to begin the expert and identification work.

The arrival of migrants at the southern border of the United States seems unstoppable despite the efforts of the Joe Biden Administration to stop the flow from Central America.

Last Saturday, for example, the United States Border Patrol registered more than 1,300 illegal migrant crossings in Texas during a 24-hour period.

The network correspondent foxnews In Texas, Bill Melugin, stated on his Twitter account that 1,300 undocumented immigrants were detained in the Rio Grande Valley sector, some of whom he was able to capture on camera.

The figure would be much higher if the entries reported along the 3,152 km border that divides Mexico from the US are added.

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