They filter video of Ezra Miller being arrested in Hawaii: "Don’t take The Flash’s ring from me"

The actor has already been arrested twice in the US city. However, records of the event were recently released, showing the wandering behavior of the protagonist of The Flash at the time.

The actor ezra miller seems unable to leave the controversy after being arrested repeatedly in Hawaii, USA, there the 29-year-old interpreter has been imprisoned in Two occasions.

The first was in March of this year when I was in a karaoke. The incident occurred after got mad at a person who sang “Shalow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, for no apparent reason.

At that time the actor He would have taken the microphone from the woman who was singing while shouting doodles at her, at the same time he would have assaulted a man who was playing with darts.

However, the news resurfaces again after the newspaper Daily Mail of the United Kingdom published the video of Miller’s arrestwhere it is shown that it took a group of policemen to stop him.

The video of Ezra Miller being arrested

In the video shot through a body cam belonging to a policeman, you can see the interpreter of Flash record the procedure with your cell phone at the same time that you say: “I have been assaulted in this bar twice”.

In turn, he assured that he recorded the event to create NFT art and then sell it in cryptocurrencies.

However, Miller’s statements do not stop there, as he continues to run from one side to another to avoid arrest, he is heard saying: “That man in the bar declared himself to be a Nazi, I have it recorded and he attacked me. The 9th Amendment gives me the right not to be unlawfully prosecuted for a crime of which I am not guilty.”.

The plaintiff also invokes the fourth amendment, by which He claims to be being arrested without evidence.

In the video too He is heard saying that he is transgender and non-binary, so he asks not to be searched by a male police officer..

Although at this point the actor was visibly upset, the real violence breaks out when the police takes away his ring from the movie The Flash. Faced with this, Miller pleads: “Please don’t take it away from me, The Flash’s ring means a lot to me. It’s very valuable”.

It should be remembered that for this aggression the artist had to pay 500 dollars – just over 400 thousand Chilean pesos – to be released.

Here is the video:

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