"They didn’t tell us the price": Young people pay 13 thousand pesos for a shot of whiskey in a restaurant in Monterrey

NUEVO LEÓN, Mexico.-This week, some young they had to pay 13 thousand pesos for a shot of whiskey that they asked to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends.

Through her Facebook account, Karla González reported that the events took place last Thursday, June 16, in a restaurant located in MonterreyNew Lion.

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In the post, the woman claimed that the waiter insisted on selling them a shot of whiskey for the birthday boy but he never warned them of the pricein addition to stating that it did not appear on the menu either.

Account amounted to almost 16 thousand pesos

Karla mentioned that before going to the place, both she and her friends checked the prices on the menu and they agreed to go since they had a budget of 4 thousand pesos, that They would be enough to celebrate the birthday and have a good time.

However, when requesting the account, he was surprised that the collection amounted to almost 16 thousand pesos and only the shot cost 13 thousand pesos. Given this situation, he added that he asked to speak to the manager but was only told that he had to pay the bill.

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I stayed from 3 pm to 9 pm waiting for an answer. We spoke with a waiter captain who only told us that it was only cheating if we asked for one thing and they gave us another, but he did not tell us the price, ”he commented.

Not receiving a solution to what he claimed was confusion, young people had to pay off the debt in the restaurant to be able to retire.

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