They dictate act of non-linkage to process for technical secretary of the Senate

A judge issued an act of non-binding to process for the technical secretary of the Senate of the Republic, José Manuel del Río Virgen, with which he obtained his freedom.

According to a national media, the official was released from prison this Friday.

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Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office has 10 days to file an appeal


The president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, assured that in the next few hours, José Manuel del Río Virgen would be released after being imprisoned in Veracruz since last December.


The First Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters of the Seventh Circuit confirmed the plain and simple amparo in favor of José Manuel del Río Virgen, who is a prisoner accused of the alleged mastermind of the murder of the candidate for mayor of Cazones de Herrera, Veracruz, René Tovar , in June 2021.+

Senate official was a candidate for Citizen Movement (MC) in Veracruz.

With this resolution, the federal justice declared the innocence of Del Río Virgen, who obtained his freedom and will leave Pacho Viejo prisonlocated in the municipality of Coatepec.

In March, a federal judge granted a plain and simple amparo in favor of the former technical secretary, but he was not released because the judge who granted the amparo did not specify the immediate scope.

In addition, the State Attorney General’s Office appealed the judge’s decision in courtconsidering that they had provided all the data for their arrest and link to the process.

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