They detect leaks in the Nudo Mixteco de Torreón, rule out risks

The head of Public Works of Torreón, Juan Adolfo Von Bertrab, reported that some water leaks were recently detected in the structure of the so-called “Nudo Mixteco”, one of the main road distributors in the region and through which thousands of vehicles circulate at all hours.

It was during this Wednesday that the municipal official specified that it was last April 6 when municipal personnel carried out studies regarding the leaks detected at one of the ends of the road system, being until June 6 last that the National Water Commission ( Conagua) replied regarding the municipal signs, indicating that will follow up in the coming weeksevery time the water comes directly from the irrigation channel that is located in the surroundings.

Von Bertrab pointed out that the filtration has had scope even in the vehicular circulation areabut for the moment No major consequences have been detected in the structural partDespite this, he promised to continue reviewing the space in all its components.

“It is a recurring theme, it is a leak, every time the water is released there is a leak towards the “Mixteco Knot”, we must remember and we must recognize the advisory system of this “Mixteco Knot” has the retaining wall, but behind it has a filter, this filter is precisely for that, so that any accumulation of water, whether rain, surface or internal, is filtered down the structure and does not compromise it, however that does not make us out of the reason, that we have to be monitoring that, we have continued to do it with Conagua, this Monday I was with the delegate Eduardo Fuentes, talking about that subject, he commits to when the irrigation ends, which should end, let’s say mid-July , they are going to repair that channel… It is very evident, every time they release the water, there is a leak,” said the head of Public Works of Torreón.

He also said that within the effects of the leaks only one has been detected “deflection” or subsidence in the upper area of ​​the pavement of the road system, but ruled out that in any case it is considered as damage that could compromise the structure as such in some way.

It will be in the next few days when the municipal authorities reinforce surveillance at that point in the city, seeking to rule out any incident while the flow of water into the area’s irrigation channel is concluded.

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