They detain Cuban migrants locked in a truck in Mexico

A group of migrant cubans that they were locked in a truck in Veracruz they were detained by the Mexican authorities this Thursday, official sources revealed.

Agents from the National Institute of Migration and the National Guard intercepted a trailer with 41 migrants from Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, indicated the INM on its official Twitter account.

The undocumented, the entity clarified, were transferred in risky conditions and stated that they had been locked up for several hours.

In a video shared on their social network, the immigration authorities showed the large group that was in overcrowded conditions, sitting on the floor of the truck and without any ventilation.

As reported in the post, the driver and the vehicle unit were made available to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Pursuing to reach US territory, many Cubans travel a long journey through Mexico and are transported by polleros or coyotes (people traffickers) who lead them hidden to the border, since the migrants do not have the legal documentation to transit through Mexican soil.

large groups are detained by the authorities and processed before reaching the southern border of the United States, while many of them end up being deported back to Cuba.

This Monday it transpired that 18 Cubanswho were part of a group of more than 300 migrants traveling aboard four buses, were detained after the drivers tried to flee to evade police control.

In addition to the Cubans, they found 134 migrants from Nicaragua, 105 from Guatemala, 55 from Ecuador, 13 from El Salvador, eight from Honduras and four from the Dominican Republic in the vehicles.

A total of 29,872 Cubans were detained at the northern and southern borders during the first month of the current fiscal year, although only at the southern border 28,848 migrants from the island were taken into custody, 10% more than what was reported last September, according to statistics from the Customs and Border Protection Office of United States (CBP).

These figures confirm the largest irregular exodus from Cuba in the history of the United States, a crisis that is also observed in the Straits of Florida, with more than 6,182 migrants from the island intercepted at sea by the Coast Guard in the recently concluded fiscal year. 2022.

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