They deposited him $40 million by mistake and he escaped

A man who worked in a cold cuts producer in Chile mistakenly received a transfer of 281 million Chileans, about 40 million Argentine pesos, and decided to run away with the money.

The worker went to withdraw his May salary when, upon entering his account, he discovered that in addition to his pay there was a large sum of extra money. So he preferred not to report it and keep the millionaire amount.

Weeks later, the company noticed the error and contacted the Bank that served as an intermediary to ask the man to return the amount he received by mistake. However, the employee did not return calls.

Finally, the man argued that he had fallen asleep and appeared with his lawyer arguing that he had no reason to return the millions. So he quit his job and didn’t show up again.

Given this attitude, the firm denounced him for “improper appropriation” but so far the case has not advanced.

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