They denounce geriatric by "abuse and neglect" to grandparents: "They were all pissed, dirty and hurt"

Ex nursing home employeesLife is Beautiful”, located in the city ​​of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, denounced that grandparents that reside there “they are mistreated and abandoned. ”

Gabriela Medina, a nursing assistant, who worked at the reported nursing home for two years and two months, spoke with and stated that he performed the complaint at the first sectional police station of Santa Rosa by abandonment towards older adults, since, according to the media, the The owner of the place had the elderly in deplorable conditions.

According to what Medina said, it all began when the defendant began dating a young man, who would have criminal record for gender violence. Since then he neglected his work in the nursing home and the grandparents who reside there.

The injuries that the elderly had.

“They were all pissed, dirty, hurt, without eating, I left them lying down for many hours during the day, then they all escaped“, said the woman regarding the ten grandparents who lived in unsanitary conditions.

Along these lines, the woman said: “Many times I would take money out of my pocket so that my grandparents have to eat. ” In addition, he argued that on several occasions in the nursing home they cut off their electricity for non-payment. As reported this occurred during the social, preventive and compulsory isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, therefore, given the delicate social context, the Residents’ relatives were unable to visit them frequently and They did not know what was happening indoors.

The older adults were skin and bone because he did not feed them.

Medina said that once she stopped working there, the situation of the elderly who resided in the place worsened since they also began to be victims of abuse. So it was that she made up her mind and filed the complaint. When they went they found the elderly underweight, dehydrated, anemic, and very lost of memory “, stressed the former employee.

In such a way, the Justice advanced in the case and when the case came to light most of the families they withdrew the older adults of the residence denounced. “Our claim is so that the owner of the place does not dedicate herself more to the care of the grandparents”Medina remarked.

The complaint made in the first section of Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

The complaint made in the first section of Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

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