They criticize the tourist agency in Holguín after promoting a pedestrian crossing abandoned by the government

Netizens criticized the agency Cuba Travel in Holguin for promoting the Pirijod de Manuela site that is considered an icon of the City of Parks, but nevertheless for years it has been abandoned by the government and is not a source of pride for the residents because it is flooded with putrefactive water and garbage.

“Manuel’s Pirijod, It is an architectural work in Holguin that serves as an underground pedestrian crossing for those who travel between the Las Baleares Bus Terminal and the Calixto García Stadium.“, Promoted the state entity on its Facebook account.

screenshot of Facebook

After the publication, hundreds of Cubans reacted and showed their anger because a photograph was even shown that does not fully cover the state of that pedestrian crossing.

“I did not think that in the dire conditions it is in, you were going to publish on this site without first asking the government to clean it up and restore its function. If those who visit Holguín ask for a tour there, what will be the excuse for not taking them?asked a Cuban.

Another suggested that actions be managed so that the crossing really works and is useful to citizens.

“It is a pity that such a superficial comment is made about the work as if nothing happened and it was the best. Please respect. Do not promote something that is not well done. It has never really served, an architectural failure that is always flooded, “she stressed.

Another person recalled that the site could never be used again and stressed that it may be a magnificent architectural work but it was completely useless and abandoned.

No maintenance and no good drainage systemwere the causes that made it take advantage of for such a short time, “he wrote.

This is not the first time that Cubans have come out to denounce the conditions of the Pirijod. An article on the Ranger blog denounced the situation in 2018.

“The health authorities and the Communist Party of Cuba in Holguín, instead of solving the problem, have chosen to close access to the passage for passers-by. They have not considered that it is an area of ​​​​great concentration of public 24 hours a day. day, prone to unscrupulous people doing their physiological needs inside the Pirijod when the bus station closes,” highlighted the environmental project.

Pirijod (Переход) is a word of Russian origin that refers to a place or structure suitable or intended for passage and It is the only construction in the city of Holguín identified with letters from that country.

It is inspired by models similar to those built in the Soviet Union and it bears the name of Manuel, promoter of the project who expressed his concern to take his grandchildren to enjoy the ball having to cross the busy Avenida de Los Libertadores.

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