They confirm the birth of a new national category

The creation of a new category is already underway and the month in which they will go out on the track already appears in the draft. The Asociación Corredores Turismo Carretera is working to finalize details with what will be the TC Pick Up Pista. The divisional will be the opening act for what is today the TC Pick Up.

According to reliable sources, the ACTC plans to put together a good park and go from minor to major as was done with the current trucks.


The date to start what will be called “Presentation Tournament” is scheduled for the month of September. If there were any setbacks, it would go to October.


From the headquarters of the Caballito neighborhood they will inform at the time that the engines to be used by the TC Pick Up Pista will be rods. What the TC used before entering the multivalve.


The units that will be built will be the same models that exist today in trucks.

Step by Step

Once the category is underway, and when the official tournament begins, the champion and runner-up will be able to jump to the TC Pick Up.

TC pilots, enabled

All drivers who are currently racing in the Turismo Carretera are authorized to race in the TC Pick UP.

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