They condemn the Nation for the case of a civilian injured by mistake at a checkpoint – Courts – Justice

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The family sued the Nation represented in the Ministry of Defense and the Police for the damages caused to JOsé Faber, who had left his house in the Boston neighborhood of Medellín, located near where the checkpoint was.

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In 2010, The Administrative Court of Antioquia partially agreed to the claim by indicating that there was a failure in the service due to risky behavior by the police officer. The case was appealed before the Council of State that ruled on the case in December 2021, but only notified the relatives of the decision 15 days ago.

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In a decision known by EL TIEMPO, the high court ratified the conviction upon finding the responsibility of the Nation, represented by the Police, proven in the fact that left Zuluaga with a serious injury.

“The seriousness of the injury suffered by José Faber Zuluaga is accredited with the medical opinion, since it includes a comprehensive assessment of the damage, insofar as it brings together the functional, biological, psychological and social components that the injury entails in the human being,” he says. failure.

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