They caught a man who was wanted because he raped a five-year-old neighbor

Thanks to an operation that was carried out in the south of the Buenos Aires suburbs, police officers managed to arrest an individual, who was intensely wanted for having raped one of his neighbors, barely five years old.

Judicial spokesmen revealed to that the subject, 35 years old, was arrested by the investigations at the intersection of 852 and 884.

According to what was added by the informants, the proceedings were in charge of the prosecutor Alexander Marcelo Ruggeri, who entrusted the concretion of the procedure to the public servants assigned to the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) of the aforementioned area. It transpired that the degenerate was hiding in a farm located at 884 to 5000 street, in the aforementioned neighborhood, in the town of San Francisco Solano.

In this judicial file, which was opened due to a complaint filed by the girl’s relatives, it was certified that, on April 23, the attacker entered the house of his neighbors, an opportunity in which he outraged the minor, five years, in an aberrant crime that took place in the so-called San Cayetano neighborhood.

Preventively, the criminal case was registered “Sexual abuse with carnal access”.

by PV

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