They carry out insurance work at the Hotel Saratoga

The Cuban authorities ordered security work at the Hotel Saratoga in Havana, after finding the bodies of the 46 victims of the explosion that occurred on May 6.

For the analysis of the structural state of the building, it was oriented to perimeter and secure the building, both externally and internally, which constitutes the most damaged part.

Alexander Machado García, director of the Basic Investment Unit of the real estate company ALMEST in Old Havana, declared to the Cuban News Agency that on Friday the actions focused on extracting a fuel pit from the bottom of the building.

“Subsequently, the water will be extracted from the cistern in the sub-basement, to check the state of the structure with specialized equipment, and this will make it possible to begin the work of securing the building,” he added.

According to the leader, at the moment there is no perceived area in danger of collapse, and it has not yet been determined if it will be necessary to demolish fragments of the structure.

“We work in collaboration with the National Applied Research Company (ENIA), with a view to carrying out a study of the building’s behavior and technical measurements, and thus determine the necessary resources for shoring and general sanitation,” Machado García said.

With these measurements through sensors, it will be determined how to extract the water from the pool and other loads such as the chillers, the fuel tanks and the gas cylinder.

For the extraction of the goods in good condition that remain inside the hotel, railings will be placed on the edges of the building.

Also, in the adjoining residential building, the areas that can be entered to remove the belongings of the deceased and victims will be delimited, which will then be delivered to them or their families.

On Thursday, firefighters and rescuers they braced the hotel structure to prevent collapses during the search for the person who was still missing.

As for the Concepción Arenal elementary school, Osmani Cedré Gómez, deputy director of the Construction Company for Architectural Works (ECOA 53), confirmed that its repair will be completed on May 28.

Cedré assured that the third floor is practically finished.

The most critical part is the wooden framework of the second floor, close to the facade that adjoins the Saratoga, and they are still waiting for the material to begin its repair.

The hotel explosion not only destroyed a large part of the tourist facility, but also damaged nearby family buildings, a school, a Baptist temple, the Martí theater and the Capitol, among others.

Total affected 38 neighboring houses, where 95 people lived.

Currently 69 Cubans, equivalent to 22 families, are evacuated to a hotel in the Villa Panamericana. The rest remain in the homes of relatives and volunteers.

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