They asked to bring Brandon to trial, for trying to sell his baby on Facebook

Brandon Martial Folken, a 26-year-old young man from Rosario, an employee of a construction company, was arrested at the beginning of May of this year, by the Rosario Operational Unit of the PFA, after an investigation by the Technological Crimes division of the same force. They accused him of trying to carry out a truly perverse idea, the alleged sale of a baby.

He had offered the girl in a local Facebook group dedicated to buying and selling infant items. Supposedly, according to himself, He gave her up for adoption so as not to “abort”. He asked for money, according to the accusation against him, with an advance of at least 50 thousand pesos. “We’ll talk later,” he said. The members of the group themselves denounced it.

This week, the Rosario federal prosecutor Martín Gambacorta asked the head of Federal Court No. 3 of that jurisdiction, Carlos Vera Barros, to bring Brandon to trial for the crime of suppression of the civil status of a minor in the degree of attempt.

Brandon created a character to set up the lie: he introduced himself on the social network as “Yaty, El Brujo”, a specialist in mooring rituals to attract a loved one. He even posted his WhatsApp number, so that clients in search of spiritual services could write to him. He would post photos of ceremonies, burning red candles, the image of a man holding a human skull.

Brandon had never been a witch at all to begin with, among other lies.

According to the complaint against him made by people who saw the posts, “Yati, El Brujo” added that the person concerned had to contact him by private chat and then make a bank transfer as an advance. Once someone communicated, he would show the daughter’s birth certificate, signed at the Eva Perón Hospital in Granadero Baigorria.

The Federal Police discovered that there really was a baby, Folken was the father of a few-month-old baby. His mother was a minor, 16 years old. The fake witch is much older than her, he is 26.

Folken, despite his effort to lie, made a crucial mistake: his Facebook profile address included his real name. Thus, they went for him, with a case in charge of Federal Court No. 3, subrogated by Marcelo Bailaque.

Brandon was arrested in Baigorria and Luzuriaga, in the Nuevo Alberdi neighborhood in the north of Rosario, since he had not been found at his other address in Valparaíso at 2500, in the western district. Along with him, his 16-year-old girlfriend was arrested.

For the investigators of the case, for now, there would be no real intention to sell the baby, who was found in good condition and is considered out of danger. “The case was initially taken as a situation of a baby at risk,” said a detective linked to the file at the beginning of the case. “In the end, it was based on something simple. Nobody would denounce it, it would be equivalent to admitting that one tried to buy the baby.

However, according to an official statement from the Attorney General, Brandon allegedly suggested to a person who contacted him “that he had the girl’s registration certificates blank, that is, without completing the name of her parents.”

According to sources in the case, he never collected the money. (Infobae)

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