They ask Vialidad to include among the priorities the patching and repair of Route 78 to Monte Hermoso

Juan Ignacio Schwerdt / [email protected]

Monte Hermoso authorities formally requested that the Provincial Directorate of Roads include Route 78 in the list of roads to be repaired and potholed with the highest priority.

The request was made by Mayor Marcos Fernández to the administrator of the road agency, Hernán Y Zurieta.

“We updated the situation of the commune regarding the road infrastructure and we agreed to continue maintaining a regular dialogue in order to give answers to neighbors and neighbors,” said Y Zurieta.

Fernandez told La Nueva. that the main order was related to the bypass road to the Sauce Grande resort that is currently being executed, with the financial support of National Roads.

“This route will lead to provincial route 78 in the future, so it seemed appropriate to us to initiate contacts with the technical team of Vialidad to address the future construction of diverters in the area of ​​the bus terminal and the YPF service station,” detailed.

The community chief said that the idea is “to work over time” on the technical project of the diverters, which will lead to the Sauce Grande spa (to the east) and to the American Complex sector (to the west).

“In the same way, we propose a reform in the area of ​​the access point, in order to order the entry of vehicles according to their type. We intend that in the future there will be specific lanes, at least in that place, for cars, transport of people, transport of merchandise and others,” he added.

Marcos Fernández indicated that, once the technical projects are developed, “it will be possible to go for the resources to finance the different works.”

The mayor added that he also asked the head of Roads for “improvement and maintenance works, both on the asphalt strip and on the shoulders of Route 78.”

“At this point we are talking about both the agreement between the municipality and the Province to maintain shoulders, in the section that goes from National Route 3 to the spa, as well as new works that we believe are very necessary,” he explained.

“Among other works, we ask that you take the route into account to do an intense job of patching and some specific improvements, in addition to carrying out the vertical and horizontal signage again, with the contribution of new elements and signage,” he added.

waist path

Meanwhile, the work on the Monte Hermoso-Sauce Grande beltway is advancing at a good pace.

Currently, the opening and roughening of half of the 3.5-kilometer route is being developed, a work whose cost exceeds 273.5 million pesos.

“About 1,700 meters of the trace have already been advanced, from the intersection of Bosque Alegre and Las Martinetas streets, heading east,” specified the Secretary of Urban Planning, architect Daniel Pedroni, who accompanied Fernández in the negotiations with Vialidad provincial.

“This interconnection will start from Bosque Alegre street, bordering the Golf Club, up to the intersection of Santa Magdalena street, in the Sauce Grande resort, and through it in a southerly direction until it connects with Rodríguez Peña, which would allow us to have connectivity faster and safer, and produce less negative impact on the coastal environment”, the official highlighted.

After the consolidation of the route and shoulders by roughing, raising levels, laying culverts and executing embankments, the paving of the trace will come.

This first stage of the work has a term of 12 months, which will be completed at the beginning of 2023.

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