They ask for help to find a missing young man with a disability in Villa Clara

Family and friends asked for help to Locate a young man with a disability who has been missing since Wednesday in the Cuban province of Villa Clara.

Yaisel Cairo Gutierrez, the sister, said in a Facebook post that the young man his name is Harold and he has moderate mental retardation. For several days he had shown signs of decompensation, he argued.

The woman claimed that the family lives in Rancho Veloz, a town in the Villa Clara municipality of Corralillowhere his brother was last seen wednesday sunrise.

Post on Facebook. Capture

“I was wearing a green pants and a dark pullover with a black cap and two backpacks,” he added in the comments of his post.

“We do not know his whereabouts, I am his sister, we are desperate in his search,” Cairo Gutiérrez posted, leaving the telephone number 52672509 for any information.

Likewise, he said that whoever finds him can also make the report to the nearest police unit (PNR).

The reports of missing persons in Cuba have increased in recent months, most of them elderly, women and teenagers.

Last July 4th was found lifeless Professor Santiago Morgado, a resident of Sancti Spíritus, and reported missing since the beginning of that month. His body was found inside a well in the Cacahual-Planta Cantú area.

The Cuban Pedro García had also been reported, missing in the municipality of Madruga since July 24, and whose body was found on July 27.

In the Nazareno neighborhood, San Antonio de las Vegas, Mayabeque, the young Cuban Beatriz Napoles Morales, 28, disappeared on July 14, and was found dead on July 24 in the same area where she was last seen.

At the beginning of that month, Wilbert Barthelemy Torralba asked for help to locate his father Erostilde Barthelemy, 76, who has not been heard from since the end of June. The young man, a resident of Spain, affirmed that the old man disappeared on June 26 in the Belén district of Camagüey, and implored anyone who had any clues about the case to contact the family or the police, since the man, in addition to his advanced old, suffers from transient ischemia and loses consciousness.

Nevertheless, not all cases end in tragedy. Teenager Odnalier González Aguilar, who had been reported missing since July 21, was recently found safe in San Nicolás de Bari, Mayabeque province.

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