They ask for help for recognized retired Industrial bat chargers

Cuban baseball lovers have launched a request for help on social networks for Antonio Pérez “Ito”, a well-known Industriales batboy who, after his retirement, faces serious health and housing problems.

A relative of the old man shared a message on the wall of Facebook of the José Modesto Darcourt sports club, in which he recalls that Ito was linked to sports in the capital for more than 20 years, as the charger for Industriales, Metropolitano and the Cuba team in the game against the Orioles.

“He has suffered from diseases, which have made him an invalid, with a weak heart, a wife who is also sick, and with a house that is no longer worthy. The man fights, not to see the Blues win, but to have a secure roof. , decent housing, and he does not ask for it as a glory of the sport that he is, but as a person, as a Cuban,” said Carlos Armando Alvarado.

Photo: Capture of Facebook / Peña José Modesto Darcourt

The complainant clarified that Antonio asked the authorities for a subsidy to repair his home, but his efforts were unsuccessful, and he fears that the old man will die from “the sadness of seeing how the respect he earned for years has been lost.”

“Anglada, Pacheco, Kendrys Morales, Orlando Hernández, among other universal figures of baseball trusted his work. He immortalized his person, in the arenas of Latino, Changa and Cuba, his peculiar walk. His discipline and dedication as a man were his seal, thousands of gloves passed through his hands, thousands of secret orders to the batters he had to assume, and millions of advice he had to give to the youngest, “he explained.

Now, after a life dedicated to national sports, that man “full of history” and who can also be classified as an important figure in Cuban sports, “has his time numbered,” according to Alvarado.

“Hopefully it’s not the roof of your house that gives you the last out,” he concluded his message.

The journalist Yasel Porto, from the portal Full Swingspecified that Ito resides in the town of Campo Florido, in Habana del Este.

“It is clear that a batboy is not more important than the players and the direction of a team, but many times it is unfair to these people who are also a notable part of the game. And if it is someone with so many years dedicated to baseball, makes its role more prominent,” Porto stressed.

The reporter stressed that the essential thing is to find a way to help Ito through official channels and add contributions from people.

“Those interested can write directly to the José Modesto Darcourt rock on Facebook, or through its official WhatsApp number (+535 5814603),” he added.

Ito’s case joins others of Cuban retirees, who after having dedicated their lives to work, live their last years submerged in abandonment and oblivion.

At the beginning of the month, the story of renowned art director Luis Lacosta became known. After participating as a set designer in more than 80 feature films and more than 100 documentaries and fiction shorts, he is going through a situation of hardship that prevents him from living in his house in decent conditions.

“I never thought I would reach this point of desperation, as many know, in a few days I will be 80 years old, as will my wife, disabled by a painful illness, we are both retired with the disadvantageous retirement of both of us,” he said.

“I have spent more than two years trying to fix the roof of my house, which is in poor condition without achieving it with my little savings. The situation is that the leaks affect the beds, the computer table… the books and all the archives that I consider to be of great heritage value…”, described Lacosta in his call for help to the authorities of the culture sector.

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