They arrested a woman for selling drugs in Villa Vértiz «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

A 35 year old woman, known as “Storm”, accused of selling drugs at a point at the entrance to the Villa Vertiz was arrested Thursday night in a raid in which the police identified seven other people and seized cocaine, marijuana and other items of interest.

The Narcotics Prosecutor, in charge of Leandro Favaro and Daniela Ledesmatogether with the staff of the Illicit Drugs Delegation, after a series of anonymous complaints, had begun an investigation into a point of sale for drugs, cocaine and marijuana, which would be managed by a woman in the Las Avenidas neighborhood.

The investigators confirmed that the place was located at the entrance of the Villa Vertizon the train tracks that are in disuse and the police carried out discreet intelligence tasks to collect evidence with which they corroborated that drugs were being sold there.

With these elements, the prosecutors asked the Judge of Guarantees Lucrecia Bustos arrest warrants and search warrants in the place, which due to the sale of drugs had generated high social conflict with neighbors, due to the presence of the occasional buyers and users of cocaine and marijuana who attended there.

The operation was carried out on Thursday night with personnel from Illicit Drugs, from the third police station and from the Infantry, who provided containment and security to the perimeter at the time of the break-ins and while the respective searches were carried out for several hours.

During the raid, eight people were identified and among them “Tormenta” was identified, the woman driving the point of drug sale. Also, Cocaine, marijuana, cutting substances, cash and a Citroën C4 were seized.

The woman, who was with her children in the house, was charged with possession for marketing purposes, refused to testify and was housed in the Women’s detachment.

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