They arrested a wicker after stealing two Buddhas, clothes and baby bottles from a store

The incident occurred this Thursday night around 8:30 p.m. when police officers aboard cell phone 356 were alerted by a merchant that minutes before a group of women had stolen items from the business premises he attended.

Thus, the cell phone located the suspect and began a pursuit of it, to which the Motorized Immediate Response Group No. 1 joined in collaboration.

With the characteristics provided by the GRIM I motorcyclists, they located one of the suspects on Calle San Juan, almost HipĆ³lito Yrigoyen, running away with several packages in her possession.

Thus, she is immediately delayed and identified as being a woman with the surname Araujo. Due to the fact that she did not know how to justify the origin of the elements (two buddhas, two cream cheeses, various items of clothing and two baby bottles) she was arrested and taken to the First Police Station (1st).

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