They arrest the alleged perpetrators of the crime of a merchant in San Francisco

During this Monday noon they arrested two suspects in the crime of a merchant in the town of San Francisco.

As reported by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), the Complex Crimes Prosecutor of that town, Bernardo Alberione, arrested the alleged perpetrators of the 58-year-old Diego Coca crime, with the collaboration of the Córdoba and Santa Fe Police.

It should be remembered that the merchant had been found dead this Sunday morning at his home, located at 200 Brigadier López, with severe trauma and injuries to his face and body. Diego Cocca, owned the Dos Provincias hardware store, located on the Interprovincial Road, and at the bottom of it was his home, where he was found dead by his son.

As confirmed by tax sources, the detainees, charged with Homicide on the occasion of robbery, are Miguel Angel Cisnero, 21, captured in San Francisco, and Marcos López, 35, arrested in the city of Frontera.

Likewise, they detailed that in the operations elements related to the case were seized, which would further compromise them with the murder.

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