They arrest a couple in Lerdo for family violence and injuries to an 18-month-old baby

The Attorney General of the State of Durango, reported on the arrest of a couple in the city of Lerdo, for their alleged responsibility in the crimes of injuries and family violence, to the detriment of a minor of one year and six months of age.

The accused respond to the names of Cristian Yovani “N” and Blanca Estela “N”, 28 and 30 years old respectively, both residing in the Las Brisas neighborhood of the aforementioned municipality.

It was reported that around 5:00 p.m. on Friday, The woman transferred the little girl to the General Hospital facilities, due to various discomforts she presented.

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Upon admission, the medical staff will diagnosed an acute picture of dehydration and malnutrition by omissionas well as head trauma.

Due to the foregoing, given the presumption of the existence of violence, the competent authorities and the personnel of the DIF system were notified.

Elements of the different security corporations of the state and the municipality, were mobilized to the place.

Constant, violation of restraining orders by violent men: TSJE

ALSO READ Constant, violation of restraining orders by violent men: TSJE

The personnel of the Crime Investigating Police (PID), conducted some context interviews and began with the first inquiries about the case, where it was known that the mother of the minor and her partner could be responsible for the injuries.

The elements proceeded to arrest the couple in flagrante delicto, to later make them available to the Investigative Agent of the Public Ministry.

The Deputy Attorney General of the State of Durango, Laguna Region, will be in charge of integrating the corresponding file in order to establish his probable responsibility and its judicialization is achieved.

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