They are looking for a young colonel who has been missing for eight days: he suffers from schizophrenia

Relatives are looking for a young man from Coronel, Bío Bío region, who has been missing for eight days. According to the records provided, he suffers from schizophrenia.

A 24 year old manfrom Coronel, Bío Bío region, He has been missing since June 15.. According to his family, suffers from schizophreniadisease diagnosed two years ago.

According to the family, Francis Munoz Sotoleft from his house located in Villa Emmanuel in the La Obra sector of the commune, with unknown destination without your mobile deviceso his close ones are desperate, since they have no clues about his whereabouts.

He is 1.56 meters tall, has black hair, brown eyes and when he was last seen by his relatives, he was wearing a lead-colored sweatshirt, brown pants and hat, and a backpack..

Since June 15, his relatives have lost all contact with the missing person, to the point that his mother, Alicia Soto, filed the corresponding complaint for alleged misfortune and made a desperate call for her son to “come home.”

“Son, we all love you, your aunts, your cousins, we are all looking for you and wherever you hear this, come to your house,” said the mother.

About, They asked that any information or clue about their location be provided to the Carabineros or the Investigative Police..

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