They are looking for a building for a court created 6 years ago but that still does not work

The Pringlense lawyer Martín Larceri was appointed head of Family Court No. 4 of Bahía Blanca in 2016, but he was never able to assume that role because said body did not have -and does not have- a physical place to function.

In these 6 years of long waiting, Larceri subrogate in the Justice of the Peace of his city and today he fulfills that function in Family No. 3 of Bahía Blanca, whose previous head retired.

The need for a new court in the Family jurisdiction is of vital importance, based on the growth of domestic conflicts, which were exacerbated during the strict quarantine due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

In this framework -and with requests from the professional associations related to the court environment to speed up the procedures-, the Buenos Aires Supreme Court of Justice launched a public request to listen to offers for the location of a property, with a deadline until Thursday, March 26. May at 9.30.

The lease, as part of file 3003-384-2017/0, not only seeks the start-up of said court but also the -no less necessary and demanded- transfer of the two Labor Courts, which have been operating for several decades, with certain limitations and structural deficiencies, in Sarmiento 32.

Offers must be submitted through the email [email protected] and on the 26th the opening of offers will take place in the Real Estate Contracting area dependent on the Provincial Court.

They are looking for a building with a minimum covered area of ​​350 square meters, with an office or kitchen and a minimum of 2 bathrooms, which is located within the urban ejido, close to means of transportation and the administrative center and on an asphalt street.

It must have services, a good state of maintenance and habitability, independent accesses, most environments with natural lighting and ventilation and not present insurmountable architectural barriers.

Warehouses, sheds or commercial premises are excluded in this context.

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Last March, the presentation of 7 properties had been rejected, after a first public call for offers.

Most of these buildings are located in the downtown area, although the General Directorate of Architecture, Works and Services had ruled them out for various reasons.

Among the shortcomings, it was noted, depending on the case, the lack of elevator and ventilation; access through a commercial gallery; the difficulty of making common services independent; be an unfinished work or present an excessive surface for what is sought.

One of the buildings, located on 700 Cerri Avenue, had met the requirements but when efforts were made to move forward with the management -with the pandemic and bureaucratic procedures involved- the owner announced that it had already been rented to a third party.

Once the instances were exhausted, a new call was opened, which will be in force for 12 more days.

environment at risk

long standing. Around the 1970s, he was already warning about deficiencies in the functioning of the two Labor Courts, created in 1948.

Growth. When they were inaugurated, more than 70 years ago, Bahía had 122 thousand inhabitants. Today it has more than 300,000, a larger and more complex labor scenario, but the same number of Labor Courts.

Since 2015. In May 2015 -something similar to what happened with Familia- the third Labor Court for Bahia was created by law, but until now it has not been formed in practice.

Papers. In recent years, many employees recognized that they worked virtually covered by files and that this situation also generated structural risk due to the accumulated weight.

Reorganization. With the transfer of the Sarmiento 32 building from some dependencies (such as Health), the situation has improved in recent times, although it is far from being ideal.

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