‘There goes the water’, the mayor of Torreón responds with 5-liter bags

In the midst of the drinking water crisis that Torreón is experiencing, an emergent purified water supply program began yesterday, Wednesday, on behalf of the municipal authorities and via the Social Development Directorate; It is about the distribution of purified water in 5-liter bags for inhabitants of various neighborhoods.

For the start of the event, the mayor of the city, Román Alberto Cepeda, was present, as well as municipal officials and residents of the neighborhoods surrounding the Green Line, who met precisely in that place to make the first deliveries. of purified water among neighbors.


The authorities reported that the program is called “There goes the water!” It seeks to benefit some 5,000 families that have historically been identified with water supply problems; It will have a duration of 8 weeks and with the possibility of extending it in the following weeks.

The water in bags is purchased from the authorities from a recognized fuel supply company, which within its additional services sells water in plastic bags within the Comarca Lagunera, however the program guarantees the acquisition of about 5 thousand bags to said company, as well as its free distribution to neighbors who request them from the authority.

“We are going to do it every day, 6 days a week, we are going to be serving different points in the city, this is water with 5-liter bags, totally purified water, for personal consumption, we are going to go to everyone the sectors, each day is going to be a different sector, there are 5 thousand families a day… It is as part of the 12-point strategy, to provide water, this is obviously going to be during the most critical time (heat), It will allow us to move forward with the strategy of connecting the wells that we are finishing month by month, we do not bring the exact investment right now, it is an approximate investment of 1.5 million pesos, depending on the need,” said the mayor of Torreón.

It should be remembered that until yesterday, June 22, the Municipality of Torreón has completed the drilling and started up only one new drinking water well, it is the well in the La Vencedora neighborhood, which has improved the supply in the Poniente sector and first picture of the city.

The mayor himself assured that work continues on the drilling of more wells, the next ones to be delivered are those of Ciudad Nazas, Senderos and another one in the La Victoria neighborhood, some of which could be ready until next July.


They start a program to deliver purified water to citizens.

* It is about the delivery of bags with 5 liters of purified water, for individual consumption.

* It is part of the emerging water supply program in the city of Torreón.

* In the same way it works in the drilling of drinking water wells.

The bags with water that are delivered by the municipal authority for free, are 5 liters.

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