Thelma Fardin exploded by a resolution in the trial against Juan Darthés: “Justice is this aberrant crap”

One year after the start of the trial against the actor Juan Darthés for sexual abuse that takes place in Brazil, Thelma Fardin received a new setback from the Criminal and Criminal Appeals Chamber of that country and made her discharge on social networks.

Through a post on Instagram entitled “Fed up with so much injustice”, the actress explained: “Today the Brazilian judge Ali Mazloum accepted the request of Darthes’ defense to continue delaying the remaining hearings to finish the trial. Because, obviously, they don’t want to get to the end.”

Later, he considered that “this puts the statute of limitations of the crime at stake” and insisted: “They ask us to go to Justice and Justice is this aberrant crap and not at all reparative. Life on pause due to a judicial process that nobody allows you to leave behind. How long do you have to resist? How much do you have to endure?

In the last sections of the letter, he reproached Darthés’s attitude: “He escaped to another country to avoid being tried and now Justice continues to endorse impunity and perpetuate pain and re-victimization. Companions, it will be very difficult to tell you that it is possible”.

And he completed: “They do everything to break us, but while I write and cry I have the conviction that fighting is still the only way out. Out and resistance for all victims of sexual abuse, that’s what I wish for us.”

Thelma Fardin’s letter after receiving a new judicial setback in the case against Juan Darthes

Fardin also gave statements to Once Diez (Radio de la Ciudad), an interview in which he specified that “he (Juan Darthés) is fighting it with his truth, with his wife, his children. But I believe in God and Justice. I don’t know if he is going to be innocent or not, because everything is very groped, but God if he is going to know.”

The complaint against Darthés

Fardin accuses Darthés of having raped her during a Patito Feo tour in Nicaragua in 2009, when she was only 16 years old and he was 45. Darthés decided to leave the country as the case progressed and relocate to Brazil, his native country. .

In February 2022, the trial was temporarily suspended because the same Court of Appeals upheld an objection of incompetence opposed by the actor’s defense, which held that the federal courts are not competent to intervene in crimes of rape.

During that same month, Fardin managed to get Carla Amaral de Andrade Junqueira, a specialist in International Law and gender issues, as a lawyer in Brazil to help her resume the legal process, a goal she has not yet achieved. /The nation

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