The video of Rodrigo de Paul’s ex dancing very romantically with her new boyfriend

He rose from the ashes of pain, from that state of extreme anguish, from the tear of heartbreak to vibrate high again. Camila Homs goes through a period of reinvention after the deep sadness that afflicted her with the officialization of the love of Rodrigo dePaul, the father of her two children, with Tini Stoessel.

The confirmation of the romance of her ex-partner with the world-famous singer plunged the blonde into an emotionally adverse countenance. She is still trying to figure out if the soccer player began his affair with the artist while they were a couple and recently received her baby, who was born in July 2021.

In all this context, which included a time of patiently waiting for Rodrigo to return to her arms, Camila understood that she had to make a clean slate personally and embarked on the adventure of cultivating her heart, of going out into the ring.

In this new context, Homs fell into the clutches of various rumors, until in recent days a voluminous range of evidence emerged of an incipient love relationship with Martin “the cat” Gándaraa polo player who knew how to build a romance with Jimena Baron in 2016.

The speculations turned and mutated into an undeniable reality. What happened? Camila was captured by cell phone cameras in the coveted Jet bowling alley in the middle of a romantic dance with the athlete. A filmic material that corroborates the passionate bond that unites her with Martín.

As if that were not enough, Angel of Brito triggered their investigations, moved fast and posted on Instagram two photos of the lace with Gándara in the middle of a romantic lunch in a restaurant in Puerto Madero. As well as another image of a walk through the streets of that exclusive neighborhood.

In addition, the driver of LAM assured that the couple reserved a room at the Sofitel hotel to live a day of relaxation and entertaining activities such as diving into the spa.

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