The video gave results: Sportiva was motivated and won it with a try on the last play

Sociedad Sportiva climbed to second place in the Regional Pampeano A rugby, when the eighth date was played this Saturday.

The team from Bahia defeated Los Cardos (Tandil) 36-30, thanks to a try by wing Ignacio Payero at 83m., after receiving a ball that reached the end given by Fermín Santos, after skipping the other men in the line.

“El Pollo” had already achieved Blanco’s first conquest in the first stage, also to put his team ahead (10-3 at 24m) with another try from outside that ended under the sticks.

However, Cardos’s trade to generate game volume from the fixed ones made him the protagonist against a rival who paid the sum of infractions. Hence, the victory could well have come from the visit, since instead of assuring the points at the posts against each local penalty, he bet on the game and reaching the try by winning with the line and the maul.

The price of indiscipline (yellow cards at 15m for Biondo and at 40m for Tomás Bermúdez) led Sportiva to see themselves down 24-10 a minute and a half into the second half. The mobility and resources of the visitor had already tipped the balance despite the defensive vehemence of Las Palomas.

The video that gave an extra quota of motivation to the Sportiva squad.

That was when the replacement of the local came to play, especially to strengthen the first line in the scrums. And the match just turned around. The comeback began with the forwards: try by Matías Lindner (50m, for 24-17), then Facundo Zamora (for the tie at 24 at 60m) and also Thiago Loiacono to go ahead (29-24, at 64m) .

Shortly after, a yellow to Lindner left Sportiva with 14 to 10 minutes left, a period in which Cardos went to the front with two penalties from his opening Fermín González Montaner (30-29).

The match was ending, but in the last advance of the host Fermín Santos he opened it with a long pass to his right, to gain numerical supremacy against the defense and favor Payero’s definition (9 points from Francisco Cenoz and 2 from Francisco Cenoz completed the scoreboard). Manuel Santos).

Argentine, for the minimum

In a changing match, Argentina could not take the victory in its visit to Sierra de los Padres, where it fell to the local Comercial by 25 to 24.

It was for the eighth of the Regional Pampeano A.

The visit had a penalty chance 4m from the end but the shipment was unsuccessful. The points of the cast from Bahia came via tries by Bruno Marconi and Martín Olivero in the first stage (converted by Pedro Selvarolo) and try by Facundo Marra plus the conversion and a penalty by Selvarolo.

For Comercial it was the first victory in the competition.

In other matches of the day, Santa Rosa RC received a hard thrashing from Mar del Plata Club (74-7), while San Ignacio stopped Sporting by beating them with two penalties in the final minutes by 19 to 18, a result that in part it allowed Sportiva to rise to 2nd.

In addition, Biguá defeated Universitario (Mar del Plata) by 27-23.

Positions: 1st) Mar del Plata Club, 35; 2nd) Sports Society, 29; 3rd) Sporting, 28; 4th) Los Thistles, 26; 5th) Saint Ignatius, 25; 6th) University M, 18; 7th) Argentine, 15; 8th) Biguá, 13; 9th) Commercial, 6 and 10th) Santa Rosa, 0.

Ninth date (Saturday 21): In the last round of the first round, Argentino-San Ignacio, Universitario M-Sociedad Sportiva, Sporting-Biguá, Santa Rosa-Comercial and Los Cardos-Mar del Plata Club will play.


Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS) lost this Saturday in its debut in the Regional Pampeano C rugby.

The representative of the Bahian union, one of the three that will be in the category, fell against the so-called North Block (merger of clubs from the Mar del Plata development area) by 24 to 5.

The only UNS try was supported by center Gerardo Luna.

The match was held in Pinamar, where UNS traveled on the same day of the match and the headquarters of Camarones RC, one of the clubs that make up that block (the other two are Gesell RC and Gnomos de Mar de Ajó).

This Sunday it will be the turn of the debut for El Nacional and Coronel Suárez, the other representatives of the URS. El Celeste will visit Remo de Azul at 3:30 pm, while Suárez will host Estudiantes de Olavarría at a similar time.

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