The US would support Petro to provide a peaceful solution in Venezuela – Government – Politics

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It must be said that one of the purposes expressed by the incoming government is to restore relations with the neighboring country. According to the EFE agency, one of the North American spokespersons spoke about the possibility for Colombia to receive support in this regard.

During the outgoing government of Iván Duque, bilateral relations suffered tensions with the government of Nicolás Maduro. In fact, on various occasions from the Head of State it was assured that “Venezuela is experiencing a dictatorship”; however, after Petro’s victory there is talk of the diplomatic opportunity between nations.

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Colombia and Venezuela had a fracture for more than three years, although Duque supported initiatives such as the Temporary Statute for Venezuelan migrants and during his government he managed to deliver a million cards. Although it is still pending to ensure that all Venezuelans residing in the country accept this model.

It should also be mentioned that the US government has not been oblivious to Colombian problems. In this four-year period, it has approved a cooperation budget for Colombia that in 2019 was 391.5 million dollars; the following year, 448.3 million; in 2021 it amounted to 461.4 million and for this year it was 471.4 million dollars.

Therefore, the collaboration of the United States has been essential to be able to carry out different social and economic programs in the country.

However, the Petro government will have to mend the relations that were broken in February 2019 after the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó (supported by Duque) tried to enter Venezuela with humanitarian aid donated by the Donald Trump government.

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The US spokesman reiterated that, regardless of what Colombia does, the Joe Biden government continues to recognize Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela.

He recognized that, at the regional level, there is a “diversity of views” on whether or not diplomatic relations should be established with the Maduro government; but he argued that the majority of the international community is in favor of a dialogue that leads to a “peaceful solution to the country’s political and humanitarian crisis.”

In this regard, he stressed the importance of holding “free and fair elections” in Venezuela. After arriving at the White House in January 2021, Biden decided to maintain the recognition of Guaidó as interim president that his predecessor, Donald Trump, expressed in 2019; but during these months he has not made Venezuela a priority of his foreign policy. On the contrary, Biden has focused on China, which he sees as his main competitor for world hegemony.

Biden called Petro after he won Colombia’s presidential election in June and reaffirmed his desire to collaborate on issues such as climate change, public health and the implementation of the 2016 peace accords.

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